Other Methods Programs

The IPSA-NUS Methods School is a non-profit venture and committed to providing affordable research methods training to students, post-doctoral fellows, junior faculty, civil servants, and professionals from all over the Asia-Pacific and beyond. Registration fees have been set accordingly, and with all courses being taught by highly experienced international faculty from the U.S. and Europe, the Methods School offers the same quality of instruction as other methods programs, but at a much better price. Even after factoring in expenses for travel to Singapore, Methods School courses represent excellent value for money.

Comparison of Course Fees

Where there are different fees for different participants and/or courses of different length, regular fees for participants from academic, non-member institutions and for two weeks of instruction were used for this comparison.


  IPSA-NUS Methods School  
  CFPR Training Program in Social Sciences, National University of Singapore  
 2-3 day courses


  ACSPRI Programs  
one-week courses
approx. 7 times as expensive


  Essex Summer School in Social Science Data Analysis, University of Essex  
two-week courses
approx. 2.5 times as expensive
  Global School in Empirical Research Methods, University of St. Gallen  
one-week courses
approx. 2.5 times as expensive
  ECPR Summer School in Methods and Techniques, Central European University  
1-2 week courses
approx. 2.5 times as expensive
  Swiss Summer School, University of Lugano  
one-week courses
approx. 3 times as expensive
  Methods Summer Program, London School of Economics  
1-2 week courses
approx. 4 times as expensive


  Stats Camp, Texas Tech University  
one-week courses
approx. 2.5 times as expensive
  ICPSR Summer Program in Quantitative Methods of Social Research, University of Michigan  
four-week courses
approx. 3.5 times as expensive
  Summer Institute in Survey Research Techniques, University of Michigan  
1-8 week courses
approx. 4 times as expensive
Please contact us if you are interested in having your methods program added to this list.


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